For years, my career sputtered along because I was stuck in a cycle of negative thinking and self-sabotage. With Brenda’s help, and her NLP techniques, I’ve been able to break free from those unproductive patterns and actually set and achieve higher goals. But here’s the thing that makes Brenda special: she’s one of the wisest, savviest people I know. This combination of street smarts, NLP technique, and hypnosis, has not only provided me with the tools to overcome difficult circumstances and patterns, but has done so in a way that is easy to understand and makes perfect sense. Brenda has helped me navigate life, and you can’t ask for much more than that.
— Brian McDonald, Author
I have attended two retreats and one workshop given by Brenda and have come away from all three events with new tools to use in my everyday life as well as work situations. Brenda is extremely knowledgeable about her subject and her gentle, caring manner makes me feel comfortable immediately. The retreats are filled with activities, both in groups and individually, which help me to expand ways of dealing with situations that come up where I might have previously only seen one solution or way of viewing them. I am never more relaxed than when I am guided by her in mediation. Her sense of humor only adds to the experience. I highly recommend that anyone who is slightly interested in learning something new about yourself attend one (or more) of her workshops and particularly her retreats. You will come away with a new understanding of yourself and how you deal with others.
— Helen L., Senior Account Executive
Brenda helped me quit smoking!! Nothing more needs to be said!
— Joe R., Exectutive
I worked with Brenda as a patient for the years 2013-2015 and now reach out ‘as needed’. Brenda has excellent listening skills and was able to effortlessly identify the patterns in my life and their emotional themes that were preventing me from enjoying my life. Brenda integrated open-ended questioning, kinesthetic activities and visualization techniques during our sessions that empowered me to create healthier actions and attitudes.

Brenda is committed to empower her clients to apply these techniques at home and work. I enjoy Brenda’s respectful, kind and calm manner. I would highly recommend Brenda Mehl as a life coach for all individuals who are looking to make positive personal growth.
— Heidi S, Teacher/College Instructor
I have worked with Brenda, and have attended at least three of her workshops. My experiences have been consistently transformative. Brenda has helped me to change negative patterns in my life, and to improve my personal relationships. Brenda has helped me expand my vision of what is possible for me going forward.
Brenda is wise, compassionate, and she has helped me face the most difficult situations of my life to date - death of close family members, cancer diagnoses, career change. Brenda has NLP and other tools which have aided me in walking through the unthinkable. Her grace and wisdom are unique gifts.
Brenda’s time and coaching skills are precious, and, in my experience, unparalleled. I am always extremely grateful for her wise counsel.
— Linda B., Attorney
Between the demands of my professional and personal life, I often find myself overwhelmed and unsure about my feelings and needs. It is difficult for me to gain clarity and get to a solution on my own; I regularly need help to work through things.

For the last 6 plus years working with Brenda Mehl, I have found that no matter what type of issue I bring to her; family relations, professional concerns, romantic troubles etc, Brenda has an incredible talent for reframing these situations so I see them as manageable and possible. No matter how daunting and complicated my problems appear, Brenda seamlessly unties my knots every time. She takes the panic and urgency out of situations which appear to me to be “emergencies.” I could not have attained the personal and professional success I have today without Brenda. It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Brenda Mehl’s coaching services to everyone!
— Melissa K, Entrepreneur
Brenda is an inspirational and highly gifted coach. I can honestly say that there has not been a time that I have worked with her when I haven’t come out of our session feeling more hopeful, resolved, connected and wearing a sharp new lens. Brenda has the ability to enlighten!!
— Susan Garson, Singer/Actress - Voice Coach
Brenda has coached me individually and I’ve also attended her workshops and retreats. She brings an innovative approach to her work that draws upon her extensive knowledge of the interplay between the body, the emotions, and the mind. Through her insight and gentle guidance, I’ve made significant positive shifts in the areas of relationships, creativity, career and well-being. The most profound outcome of my work with Brenda has been the recognition of my own powerful inner resources.
— Rebecca Baum, Writer
Brenda is truly one of a kind. She draws from a huge repository of skills, disciplines, and techniques, and customizes sessions for the unique needs of her clients. Brenda helped me achieve a goal in my business communication and selling skills that I honestly didn’t think was attainable. Anyone who wants to go from good to great or from stuck to free should give Brenda a try.
— Michael Levy
Brenda has helped me embrace my humanness, bring gentleness, kindness and compassion to myself instead of condemnation and also to know change is occurring even though I may not always notice it while it’s happening. She has helped me no longer try to push my younger self down but instead notice and acknowledge feelings. The work we’ve done has helped me begin to know my truth, my worth and that I’m lovable.
Thank you, Brenda!
— - Danielle S, Student